Award winning eCommerce and digital first brand strategy for a national retailer

Australian Web Awards 2015 Winner badge

Winner eCommerce

Reinventing the entire digital presence of a national retailer isn't a task to be taken lightly, but we found huge potential for dusk to improve their online image and the operation of their website.

dusk approached us to deliver a new web presence that would push the brand forward. They wanted an innovative experience that would also be familiar to their core audience, incorporate a more flexible and seamless management workflow, and bring all of their third party systems together.

We were up for the challenge.

dusk Homepage Screenshot


In collaboration with dusk, we based our strategy upon offering an enhanced online eCommerce experience consistent with what customers find in store, no matter what device they access the website with. We'd develop a more powerful, modern approach to marketing the brand and product. Ultimately, this new digital presence would make it easier to manage customer engagement and product inventory, and encourage online and offline sales growth.


We recommended a simple and engaging style inspired by delightful and sophisticated practices in modern interior design. With noise and clutter minimised, customers would be immersed in curated content that tells a story of dusk's collections and products.

With an aim to bring the physical browsing experience online, we incorporated a visual merchandising tool that allowed dusk to customise the presentation and layout of every product page. This would enable a diverse and engaging atmosphere across the website, presenting products, promotions and editorial detail in a manner that reflects a brick-and-mortar store visit.

The crux of our design strategy was the customer's experience of the website, no matter how they accessed it. Regardless of device - desktop, tablet, mobile - we would ensure an optimised and consistently positive experience.

dusk Supported on iPad and iPhone

User Experience

Reducing the complexity of a large eCommerce website is always challenging, but worth the extra effort. Our intention was to make cumbersome tasks seem easy to encourage user movement and interaction. As much as possible, we pulled in proven best-practice navigation, browsing and shopping UX patterns to create a unique environment that visitors would still find intuitive.

From site navigation to search, catalogue interaction to store location, we eliminated every element contributing to cognitive burden, leaving a stripped-back but highly functional experience across the board.

User experience improvements also extended to dusk's internal teams, who now have a flexible, seamless process for managing products, syncing stock attributes, and coordinating visual merchandising and promotions.

dusk UI & UX components


The technical solution would be critical to success. Most importantly, the solution would need to connect dusk's retail management system, a new order fulfilment system, and a revamped loyalty program. In essence, the new website would be the middleman for managing operations.

Example diagram of dusk technical requirements

We based the new site on the Magento platform, which provided extensive capabilities along with better interfaces and workflows than previously available on dusk's old system. On top of this, we developed new functionality highlights such as suggested search, recommendations based on purchasing history, upsells and cross-sells, extensive promotion management, visual merchandising, store finder, custom page layouts, one-page checkout, and customisable feature canvases to facilitate what would be a best-practice online store.


The new website incorporates a richer yet simpler interface for customers, and a flexible and easy-to-use system for the dusk team. A holistic overhaul of design and UX gives a cleaner experience of the brand, and offers a modernised motif for marketing materials in the physical space.

A highly technical project, the end result is the hub for digital operations, seamlessly connecting key systems and incorporating new functionality that propels the brand and website further.

dusk Homepage

After working with several other digital agencies with less than optimal results I approached Humaan to rebuild dusk’s digital eco-system from the ground up. Their skill and expertise in digital design and development is self evident. I knew the finished product would be the envy of our competitors. If you need a slick digital design, Humaan are second to none.

What truly impressed me was their technical expertise, attention to detail and dedication to understanding all of dusk’s business systems which was vital in delivering the final product. Humaan have been completely transparent and honest, for the length of the project and now moving into the support phase, I feel like dusk is their only client. It's a credit to the culture of excellence they’ve created. A true partnership that’s taken dusk’s digital business to the next level.

Gavin Feilding, Digital Manager, dusk