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Rethinking eCommerce for better, simplified online purchasing experiences

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For a long while we've felt that eCommerce on the web can be better – simpler, easier and more personable. And when our former client and friend of the team approached us with an idea of better catering for men who buy flowers, we jumped at the idea to try something new.

Developed in partnership over several months, we strategised and brought to life our collaborative startup – Flower Bros, the simplest way to buy premium flowers in Perth. While initially targeted at men, we soon realised that the appeal was much wider and although there's an intentional masculine overtone through the brand, the experience lends itself to suit anyone looking to buy high quality flowers online.

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For this project, refining the eCommerce experience and simplifying as much as possible was key to the outcome. This also related to the business as a whole, realising that a limited selection would present a much better experience and reduce choice anxiety for the end user. After several iterations, we reduced the whole workflow down to a simple three step process presented across one screen.

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The brand and story plays a big part in the overall proposition of the business, contradicting expectations of what you'd naturally anticipate from a flower retailer – bold, masculine and a little cheeky.

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"Great personalised service.. And amazing flowers- these guys are game changers. Will definitely use again 😀"

Lisa Houlihan – Flower Bros Customer