Side projects, experiments and other things we've released into the wild.

A simple Privacy Policy and Terms or Service generator for websites based on typical, reasonable and fair use of information. Homepage


A SaaS content aggregation platform for easy monitoring of social media trends, audience awareness and brand conversation. Comes with analytics, support for cross-platform social campaigns, and customisable publishing features.

Waaffle homepage
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Perth Device Lab

An open community space for testing websites, apps, games and other digital products on a range of devices, operating systems and assisitive technologies.

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A WCAG2.0 Level AA accessible modal window plugin. Supports ARIA, saving and switching focus states, keyboard controls, callback events and inline attribute configuration. Optimised for assistive technologies and screen readers.

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Break up with IE8

A Webby nominated social campaign to drive awareness and encourage users to drop support for the legacy browser. Don't you think you've suffered enough?

"You weren't very supportive when I wanted to try SVG."

Break up with ie8 Homepage


A password and credential manager for teams. Completely self-hosted and customisable for any type of data. (Retired 2016)

Simple Safe user interface