New website for a leading US creative agency

LoyalKaspar are a branding and creative agency based in the US, with a focus on serving the media and entertainment industry. Having outgrown the visual and strategic limitations of their old website, they approached us for a redesign that would more accurately tell the story of their brand as it is today.

As the project unfolded, we learned that LoyalKaspar's story was far richer and more involved than even they had initially realised. They were working simultaneously on redefining their brand voice, uncovering new goals that needed to be woven into the original scope. Every visual, functional and strategic concept would be heavily scrutinised to ensure the final product captured the brand to the degree expected of a creative agency.

Device with loyalkaspar Homepage on the screen

Through intense collaboration, we arrived at a reimagined web presence combining large, high-impact imagery treated for visual depth; a colour and layout approach that requires every element to contribute to the user and brand experience; and a flexible content platform allowing LoyalKaspar to tell the right stories to the right audience.

loyalkaspar brand example

Sharing the brand story

For us, telling a story is more than just arranging words and pictures; we wanted website audiences to feel the enthusiasm and passion of the LoyalKaspar team before even making contact. By enhancing the site's content with hand-picked visual effects and carefully timed animations, we could offer audiences a taste of the brand experience that would follow.

Exmple of UI elements from loyalkaspar website

Showcasing a diverse portfolio

Today's LoyalKaspar portfolio is visually alive and designed to accommodate the agency's diverse body of work. The new portfolio platform provides the agency with a range of flexible and customisable yet consistently styled content modules, allowing them the freedom to tell unique visual, media-rich stories about each individual project.

Visitors can explore the multidisciplinary collection with ease using the dynamic filtering features, browsing by creative category, technical discipline or previous clients likely to have similar needs.

Example of loyalkaspar case studies and work examples

Greater exposure for agency activity

News now features prominently in the website’s content structure and navigation, not only improving findability, but highlighting the agency’s activity in their industry space. We gave the News section itself a layout more compatible with the IA of frequently posted news content.

Screenshot of loyalkaspar Homepage

Humaan impressed us with their expertise and professionalism from the very outset of our partnership. They brought creative, simple, surprising solutions to every challenge thrown at them and were incredibly flexible to our needs as they adjusted. Over a year of working together, we stayed in lockstep, combining our agency’s own creative vision with Humaan’s experience and ingenuity, to build the website we’d been dreaming of for years, one that rises to the caliber of our work, our clients, and that truly shows off Humaan’s abilities.

Steven Manuel, LoyalKaspar