Mates Escapes

An exciting brand and website for an innovative adventure travel startup

Mates’ Escapes is the first service to market for PlaySeeGo, an Australian travel startup specialising in group holidays. Their service is aimed primarily at men, aged 20+, looking to adventure around the world with their friends.

Mates Escapes Homepage

As a new player in an established industry, PlaySeeGo understood that a well-designed brand and solid digital presence would give them a strong head start. They approached Humaan with a unique challenge combining business strategy, brand development, and the creation of a new website.

Digital strategy for a lean startup

We foresaw reach being the agency’s key marketing challenge, given the prevalence of big, well-known players in the Australian travel industry. So we planned an accelerated go-to-market strategy that would allow PlaySeeGo to engage their audience early, and measure market demand for the Mates’ Escapes service as quickly as possible.

From their overall vision of the brand and website, we distilled a minimum viable product that tied in with their existing sales process and leveraged organic, unpaid digital marketing tools: content, social media and organic search.

Mates Escapes branding

A vibrant identity for a modern travel brand

Designing the Mates’ Escapes aesthetic challenged us to craft a brand and site identity that would speak to the primary target audience without alienating general travellers.

After experimenting with a range of different styles and motifs, we arrived at a vibrant, gender-neutral colour scheme, using playful iconography & typography with rich imagery to convey a sense of adventure.

Designing credibility and a smooth user experience

The Mates’ Escapes site incorporates effective design patterns already established in the tourism and e-commerce spaces, such as engaging photography and interactive product filtering. This would ensure immediate familiarity for visitors, making it easy to browse and enquire about a booking.

Individual holiday pages were designed to mimic traditional travel brochures, balancing in-depth content with quick-fire details, including a full itinerary of the trip.

Enticing content for an exciting service

To enhance and promote the core Mates’ Escapes product, the site’s content marketing strategy features wider interest travel editorial including holiday guides, event spotlights, adventuring tips and cultural detail about the destinations on offer.

In addition to providing holidaymakers with useful and enticing content, this helps improve audience reach, drawing exposure and inbound traffic through SEO.

Mates Escapes user interface

Bespoke, in-person customer service

Booking a group holiday can get chaotic. Especially when each traveler pays at different times and departs from different locations. Understanding every travel group will have unique demands underpins the strategy for PlaySeeGo’s engagement and sales journey.

As a customer’s first point of contact, the website aims to emulate the conversation that would take place in a brick-and-mortar travel agency. Following a booking enquiry, customers are assigned a personal travel agent, offering bespoke service that can cater to the needs of each customer.

Mates Escapes Homepage


Borrowing from the Agile playbook meant PlaySeeGo could begin generating revenue through Mates’ Escapes as early as possible, engaging their audiences and learning what appeals best in their market.

As it stands, the Mates’ Escapes identity, digital strategy and website lay a strong foundation for future development, serving as an ideal platform for a startup in its early stages.

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