Mideast Tunes Radio

A podcasting platform for social change

''Mideast Tunes Radio'' is an exciting podcast series, featuring music from underground musicians on the Mideast Tunes platform. We were asked to help with the strategy, design and website development, creating a digital experience that would engage and immerse listeners, encouraging them to explore more of Mideast Tunes's vast selection of content.

Mideastunes Radio Homepage


We gave Mideast Tunes Radio a new identity that reflected both the nature of the podcast series and its relationship with the parent Mideast Tunes brand. The primary brand element: a modern, bold lettermark that would feature throughout the website and on embeddable players across the web.


Dynamic and visually engaging presentation would be paramount in encouraging users to explore the platform's content — and in creating enough of an impression to attract an audience in the first place. While Mideast Tunes Radio focuses on audio, the design's high-impact imagery and tidy grid layout adds to the website's immersion factor, while providing useful information in a usable an interesting way.

As with the main Mideast Tunes website and mobile apps, the episodes were designed to suit both Arabic and English alphabet sets.

Mideastunes Radio HomepageMideastunes Radio player modal

Podcast episodes feature their own unique pages, supported by custom visuals and information, allowing listeners to explore beyond what the audio has to offer.

We developed custom, multilingual players that allow listeners to share and embed the Mideast Tunes Radio podcasts throughout the web. These players track listen counts and support favouriting, streamlining the Mideast Tunes experience, no matter where you tune in from.

Designing a content channel means catering for new swathes of new content over time. We made sure to include search and filtering tools, giving users a way to explore shows, tags and producers, easily finding new and relevant content as the site continues to grow.

Mideastunes Radio filter panel


The Mideast Tunes Radio website has established itself as an engaging new platform for promoting artists and music within Mideast Tunes and beyond — backed up by an immersive user experience that encourages audiences to explore, enjoy and share.

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"Humaan did an amazing job in record time to meet all our needs for this project. The end result exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be more pleased with their work."

Esra'a Al Shafei, Director