Migrant Rights

Advancing the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East through interactive content, mapping and infographics.

Migrant Rights aims to raise awareness about the plight of migrant workers in the Middle East, encouraging social action to address related human rights issues. Since originally launching the website in 2013, Humaan have been deeply involved in strategising and evolving the Migrant Rights web presence to further awareness and engagement, and to meet organisational aims through digital.

Screenshots of the migrantrights homepage and resources page


The website served as the primary information channel for executing the Migrant Rights communication strategy, so it was vital that it better reflected their standing as an authoritative and credible source for researchers, policy makers, the media and the workers themselves. The strategy would focus on enabling the organisation to expand on its crucial work to date to help break the silence surrounding the abuse of workers’ basic rights, and to lobby for legislative changes to employment laws.

Working closely with the client, we formulated an evolving strategy that would promote a highly engaging platform and bring awareness, while maintaining a communication channel that would retain its credibility and reputation as a critical source of information.

Migrant Rights moodboard

Snapshot of moodboard developed for Migrant Rights Website

Content is King

With information at the heart of the organisation, accessibility and the reading experience were necessarily our primary considerations, especially around news and reporting. News would have to take centre stage on the homepage alongside statistics and further immersive content. Individual articles can be framed using several different layout possibilities, with sharing options encouraged throughout the site.

Improved reading

Raising awareness

While news and reporting takes primary focus on the homepage, the larger website provides key information and encourages sharing through highly bespoke animated infographics, statistics, campaigns and more.

Falling manInfographic illustration


Among the first new features added to the original Migrant Rights website were the campaigns, each addressing specific issues, providing critical detail on the subject matter, supported by relevant news and research.

Campaign view

An interconnected network

How do you show all of the interrelated organisations committed to the same cause? With a custom interactive HTML5 canvas network map.


Mapping and reporting abuses

The rights abuse monitoring tool has become a major part of the website and one that immediately draws attention to the plight of migrant workers in the Middle East. The tool allows submission and reporting of all abuses in the area by location, mapping these to a data set that allows users to filter by abuse types, Country and date.

Report Abuse map


This project delivered an evolving hub of vital information, drawing attention to the plight of migrant workers in the Middle East. Content is always at the forefront, supported by interactive and rich components to further the message and audience engagement where possible. The website includes interactive campaigns and full translations in multiple languages, all completely controlled through the content management system.

Migrant Rights Homepage

The Migrant Rights website is a unique and effective tool for communicating a wide range of detailed information clearly and simply. The website benefits from clarity of design and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for the target audience to digest a wide range of content.

The broadest possible appeal for the website is achieved through engaging interactions that deliver content in multiple languages, utilising shareability and social media integration to extend reach.

The ultimate outcome for the Migrant Rights website is that the design and structure work perfectly in tandem to create an appealing yet comprehensive hub of research, provide statistics and media to drive social change, and deliver a compelling and engaging user experience.

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