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Attracting new business with a strong brand identity

ONiA is a specialist orthodontist practice in South Australia. They came to us for a new website that would communicate their professionalism and expertise through an outstanding user experience.

The ONiA homepage
Combination of orthodontic chair and illustrations of happy characters
People in need of orthodontic treatment naturally enter the customer service cycle with feelings of apprehension. We realised a fun and friendly website, one that helps allay these fears early in the engagement journey, would be key to instilling confidence in patients long before their first appointment.

A fresh perspective for orthodontic websites

Though the practice treats patients of all ages, the new look and feel needed to be exciting and playful to appeal to young children — the demographic likely to feel the most unease. However, with adults taking responsibility for treatment decisions, we had to ensure the site also displayed recognisable markers of credibility and quality.

Combining our design expertise and our client’s strategic vision, we came up with a unique style that resonates throughout the target audience and challenges the status quo among brands in the current market.

Smiling middle aged asian gent with his arms folded in front of him
Smiling middle aged caucasian gent with his hands in his pockets

Discovering a vibrant new brand voice

Beyond the conscientious level of patient care, it’s high quality customer service that differentiates ONiA in its market space. So we set out to create an impressive visual style that would convey the brand’s friendliness and approachability.

Where just about all of ONiA’s competitors relied on known or dated design patterns and aesthetics, we drew our inspiration from modern children’s fashion, sophisticated boutique interiors, and ONiA’s own colour palette found in their branding and newly renovated premises.

Originally, we began with a muted colour palette to communicate credibility alongside the playful illustrations, and to maintain a connection to the sleek interiors of the ONiA clinic. However, even with the cheery visuals, we found these colours strayed too far from the atmosphere we wanted to create.

In close collaboration with the client, we concluded the overall look and feel needed greater vibrancy to emphasise the point of difference. This resulted in a switch to brighter, more youthful colours, elevating ONiA's brand impact above that of its competitors.

Custom artwork, mascots and original brand motifs

The design features original illustrations, custom icons, visual devices and a suite of hand-drawn characters, all centered around bringing positivity and happiness to the brand personality. These form the foundation of ONiA’s new face online.

Our aim was not to recreate analog motifs in the digital medium, but to interpret the vibrant, welcoming atmosphere of an ONiA clinic, giving prospective patients a seamless digital-to-physical experience.

We really like how our site was custom designed and stands out from the templated look of others. This reflects nicely with our brand and gives it a premium professional feel.

Dr Eden Lau - Practice Partner, Orthodontic Network in Adelaide

Expressing a brand that understands its customers

Through bespoke artwork capturing local landmarks around South Australia, we sought to highlight ONiA’s brand promise of being not only credible and approachable, but best-placed to understand the needs of their clientele.

McLaren Vale
Mount Barker
Murray Bridge
Port Augusta
Victor Harbour
ONiA Website

A convenient, consistent experience for every customer

At the heart of our design strategy was the user experience, ensuring intuitive and consistent access for every user, regardless of device. With page and navigation layouts optimised for the current range of desktop, tablet and mobile sizes in the market, we could ensure a positive experience for all of ONiA’s customers.

ONiA on tablet

The result is a bright and lively website that catches attention with its strong visual identity and perfectly caters for key target audiences alike.


Shortly after launch, international design publications, Creative Bloq and The Best Designs, recognised the revitalised ONiA for its fresh take on an orthodontic brand and it has since taken out the top prize in the highly competitive Commercial category at the 2017 Australian Web Awards.

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Something to smile about, for every patient

Customer service begins long before the first enquiry. This cheerful web presence, with its new look & feel and positive brand message, sets the stage for a positive experience for every patient.

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