Ride For Youth

Australia’s premier charity event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

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Ride For Youth is Australia's premier charity event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression, raising funds for Youth Focus, a mental health not-for-profit based in Western Australia.

The Ride's reimagined digital presence encompassed a new website and fundraising platform, stacked with sophisticated custom features designed to offer a premium, contemporary online experience for the target audience.

As creatives, we're no strangers to the cause ourselves. We were proud to take on and support what would be one of our most ambitious development projects to date.

Ride For Youth on an iPad

Strategy: clarity, credibility and calls to action

We started with an intuitive structure and best practice design principles, ensuring clear information highlights and well-defined calls to action. Then, breathing life to the overall experience, we created a visually provoking, donation-focused design with customisations to facilitate greater reach and easier user administration.

With a UX-first approach to support the brand, the site can convey the Ride’s purpose with authority and credibility, thus encouraging greater audience engagement and public support.

Goal $
Screenshot of Ride for Youth donation form

A bespoke
donation platform

At the heart of the website is the donation module, a fully featured end-to-end customisation built from the ground up to handle the processing, tracking and management of donations to the Ride For Youth event.

Through a simple, secure, one-page form, supporters can direct their donation to a rider, a team, the Tim Anderson Scholarship, or to the Youth Focus organisation. Behind the scenes, an integrated third-party platform processes the online payments and refunds, while additional components generate and send tax invoices both automatically and on-demand.

But what makes this bespoke module really special is the extra control it offers over finalised donations. Because administrators can easily reassign and split donations between riders and teams, no donation is lost or forfeited if rider participation changes in the lead-up to the event.

Purpose-built for
riders and teams

As early as pre-registration — which saw EOI and signup forms adorned with handy “save for later” and “complete your profile” utilities — we included a slew of management features to help participants make the most of their activities as a Ride For Youth fundraiser from the very start.

Riders can log in via Facebook, maintain a supporter profile (synched with their profiles on the Strava network) that persists from year to year, and join teams as a primary or reserve with the ability to switch at any time before the event. They can create and promote their own events, monitor their ongoing expenses and fundraising intake, and easily share their campaign on social media.

Meanwhile, team leaders are handed full control over the riders in their group, able to approve (or deny) registrations, allocate and reallocate team members, and manage the individual roles of their support crew. Though these operations are technically complex, the principles governing our UI design and implementation ensure the user experience is always easy and intuitive.

Collection of example rider profiles and events

Humaan developed an incredibly complex and involved website for the Hawaiian Ride for Youth and we were extremely impressed with the amount of thought and initiative they took in trying to understand every possible scenario that needed a coding solution. Whatever feature or function we could imagine, Humaan could create it through their talented development team. It was an extremely big project to undertake and I think it’s safe to say that the team at Youth Focus, and the wider Ride community, are thrilled with the end result.

Melissa Howie Manager, Events & Marketing, Youth Focus

Custom features for event management

To help promote the Ride’s gamut of fundraising events, we added supporting features to facilitate the sale and delivery of tickets online, and to automate key administrative tasks.

Online ticket sales and payment, along with PDF ticket generation on the fly, removes yet more barriers to drumming up support for a fundraising event. We also included extra features for outputting reports and guest lists to help with managing the event at the time, and reconciling attendance and donations the following day.

Collage of event management ui components

Facilitating the
fundraising journey

Key to the success of this website is its ability to support Ride For Youth’s fundraising, marketing and communication needs throughout each stage of the event — the site’s features and structures would need to evolve as external efforts unfold in the lead-up to the ride.

In the initial phases inviting the public to participate, only basic content along with CRM integration and donation tools are needed to ensure a streamlined experience. Later, as riders and supporters come on board and donations ramp up, we roll out additional functionality to highlight key engagement features at the right times.

Finally, once the ride begins, we feature a live map for supporters to track the riders as they cover ground between Geraldton, Albany and Perth.

Example of ride for youth donation box
Photo of riders returning at the end of the ride
Ride for Youth Homepage

A premium website that goes the distance

The outcome is a fully-featured, responsive and accessible website, built atop a flexible content platform, capable of supporting Ride For Youth’s fundraising, marketing and communication efforts for many years to come.

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