The Bullshift Company

Openness, Honesty and Straight talk.

A straight-talking website and educational app to help companies and individuals shift the bull.

The Bullshift Company facilitate positive communication culture in corporate environments through their unique blend of humour and wisdom. Through their book, app, face-to-face workshops and wealth of soft-skill resources, they aim to build a culture of openness, honesty and straight talk in the workplace.


Having achieved outstanding results through their workshops and programs, Bullshift came to us for a website that could promote their vision and instill confidence in their clientele, while reflecting the value and quality of their brand experience.


By nature, Bullshift programs involve a high level of engagement. To maintain this momentum online, it was vital that the site prevent any barriers to accessing content. We achieved this through best practice IA and modern, minimal design


Taking cues from Bullshift’s own philosophy, our design strategy priorises a “no bull” UX with strong calls to action and straightforward navigation, presented elegantly on every device. This clarity and ease-of-use helps Bullshift communicate their philosophy and drive interest from potential clients.

As part of the new website, we worked closely with Bullshift to develop the Bullshift “Shift Shed” — a members-only area where their clients can sign in and access a catalogue of resources for self-learning, as well as download teaching packs for client representatives responsible for ongoing Bullshift education.


We created the Shift Shed as a unique digital experience that gives users quick access to material via key Bullshift principles. Additionally, it provides a direct communication channel between Bullshift and their audience.


The Bullshift App

As part of the overall discovery process, we hosted a workshop with Bullshift and stakeholders from a selection of their clients. Together, we explored unique strategies for digital products to aid in the overall offering.

The outcome of this process was the Bullshift app — a smartphone companion for iOS and Android that would allow any staff member of a client to access Bullshift content and interactive learning components during workshops or on the go.


The success of contemporary self-learning apps demonstrates the value of well-crafted UX in an educational context. We designed each of the app’s interfaces for maximum clarity, supporting both solo study and interactive classroom learning.


The Bullshift app features audio stories, video resources, worksheets and more, highlighting better ways to communicate in the workplace. Using in-built media players and content viewers, users can consume content within the app itself and bookmark individual resources for quick referencing at a later date.


The app also includes an interactive version of Bullshift’s primary engagement tool: the Bullshift Detector. Though the app describes the tool as a “3 minute survey”, the simplicity of the design typically allows users to complete the test in far less time, removing yet another barrier to engaging with the Bullshift offering.



This new web presence offers a world-class, contemporary user experience — clean design, device responsiveness and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. And this is only the beginning.

Bullshift now has the digital foundation to evolve the Shift Shed and app into an online education platform, supporting the company’s growth today and into the future.