The Goods Shed

A brand new website to reflect the space for creativity, learning and community

Driving engagement through simple & subtle design.

The Goods Shed is an exhibition studio and art space fostering collaboration, creativity and culture for the common good. When its organiser, FORM, briefed us into the project, we saw an opportunity to combine simplicity with subtlety to create an outstanding experience for their local audience.

The Goods Shed Homepage

It's easy for the elements on an information-rich canvas to crowd each other out. So with interesting visuals in plentiful supply, our focus was on how to fully share the art space's story while eliminating clutter. Using essentialist design principles, we assigned centre stage to The Goods Shed's vast collection of evocative images, drawing on their eye-catching qualities to direct user attention.

The Goods Shed user interface
The Goods Shed user interface
The Goods Shed user interface
The Goods Shed displaying on devices
The Goods Shed Honepage


The final product offers visitors a wealth of engaging information about the events and projects current in The Goods Shed space, delivered via a carefully crafted and curated digital experience, inclusively designed.

  • Device optimised & responsive
  • Artist and event profiles
  • Social media integration
  • Integrated content management
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