A captivating online presence & bespoke product toolbox for this premium luminaire brand

Quality, precision, balance.

Unios design, manufacture and supply high-end, energy-efficient lighting solutions to interior designers, architects and consumers around the world.

Having devised a new web strategy and an evolution of their brand that would better serve their customers, they came to us to bring their ideas to life through digital.

While much of the design was completed in-house, we collaborated on a digital strategy that could provide the best possible user experience. This would carry through to the full scope of development to provide a premium look and feel, matching the essence of the brand.

Optimised for every device

A truly responsive website doesn't stop at simply tweaking the layout for each device. We wanted to go a step further and help Unios give their users the best and most suitable quality of photographic content.

This means images are preloaded and selectively served, so no time (or bandwidth) gets wasted downloading images too big or detailed for the user's device to handle. The result is an optimised visual experience in keeping with the calibre of the brand and product.

A fast and friendly user experience

The balance of design and performance is a key element of the Unios brand, and a core value in our development strategy. Our challenge was to create a friendly online experience that would showcase the vast range of product options without overwhelming the user or sacrificing site performance.

Combining powerful backend tools and proven front-end scripts, we provided a unique and efficient filtering system to shortlist products from a catalogue of thousands, giving customers the content they asked for, all smoothly and seamlessly rendered in a matter of milliseconds.

Details shape the brand

It's the little things that determine quality. For Unios's website, this takes shape in the thoughtfully curated brand pages, concise and diverse case studies that demonstrate the potential of pedigree products, informative and interesting news editorial, along with smooth transitions and stylish hover effects offering a polished, finished feel.

In addition, the brand's implicit commitment to a premium experience is exemplified by features like the GPS-based Distributor Locator and useful support content, helping customers and industry professionals achieve what they came for.

Unios Homepage

From the outset, we were impressed in the way the Humaan team were able to distil our vision for complex product configuration into a seamless user interface. As a designer and manufacturer of architectural lighting for large scale projects, the level of customisation across our range extends across thousands of configurations. Humaan understood this need to find simplicity within the sometimes daunting world of project specification for lighting.

From initial brief to launch, Jay and his team impressed us with their quick thinking, attention to detail and close communication. Since launch, architects, interior designers and engineers have been impressed at the ease and the extent with which they can configure products for projects. Without a doubt, a number of projects have been won on the back of our new website and project specification toolbox built by the team at Humaan.

Henry Luong – Communications Manager, Unios

Managing an extensive product catalogue

With a large and ever-growing product range, Unios would need an easy way to manage the extensive suite of content on the new site. So we prepared a custom module to import their existing product information into the new platform.

Unios product grid

With an automated means of re-structuring their data and cataloguing a thousands-strong collection of images and possible product configurations, site administrators could bypass the typical overheads of migrating to a new content management system. And as they can re-import data any time they want, they can keep their website current alongside their product range with minimal manual effort.

Unios products installed in a kitchen

Product Toolbox — a persistent, shareable shopping cart

The Product Toolbox is a bespoke feature, developed specifically to meet Unios's business objectives. It's similar to an ecommerce shopping cart, but with one distinct difference: rather than disappearing once customers have completed a transaction, the cart persists on the server and may be revisited via a unique link.

As a planning tool, it allows clients, associates and industry contacts to collaborate on product choices and recycle previous combinations. As a sales tool, it gives the Unios staff an easy way to generate customised product sheets, which can be emailed directly to their customers.

Unios user interface
Unios user interface
Unios Homepage


The new website is a captivating online presence for the innovative luminaire company, highlighting its premium designer range and providing practical tools for creating collaborative product specifications - all while giving deep insight into their philosophies and values, communicating the standard of what one can expect from the Unios brand.

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