Driving the future of Advanced Vehicles

A new era of transportation

Ferox has a goal: to elevate humanity's adaptability and survivability in land-based environments. The company integrates leading-edge fluid dynamics technology with advanced vehicle design, intent on creating intelligent transport solutions for traversing extreme terrain.

Ferox approached us to build a platform that would educate readers on the technology and proposition through a compelling digital presence. As the company is operating at the innovative end of the vehicle market, we set out to craft a website that would not only showcases the Ferox brand and technology, but open the audience's minds to future possibilities.

Ferox Example UI on Ipad

Starting with a captivating introduction, the website plunges visitors into the brand experience, leading into a bespoke journey through Ferox's advanced vehicles and technology. The site features inspiring and aspirational imagery, high-resolution 3D renders, photography and animated highlights of engineering detail.

Ferox Example Concept Vehicle Renders

A sophisticated front-end and seamless integration of video bring the information to life, adding a dynamism and vibrance within the site's dark, immersing aesthetic. Visually enriching features such as these help foster deeper engagement and stickier learning, driving excitement among readers, the audience and enthusiasts for both the Ferox brand and its exciting technology.

Ferox Technology 3d Render

Take in every detail

To create an environment a step above the average website, the individual vehicle pages feature a mouse- and touch-controlled 360° viewer. This device adds a tactile element to the interaction, as users peruse Ferox's engineering highlights and state-of-the-art technology.

The website explores a captivating brand and product story, enticing the viewer to immerse themselves in the content and understand Ferox's innovative vision for the future. Every page is entirely bespoke and every component has been carefully considered to truly reflect the unique nature of the company, their attention to detail and the underlying technology.

A shared passion for quality and detail ensured we had an aligned vision for the best possible outcome and a website that would serve their brand for the years to come.

Example Ferox website pages

Ferox briefed Humaan to achieve three key outcomes; to remove traditional design limitations, push conventional boundaries and create a website that is of world class standard.

These outcomes were successfully achieved through the combination of our respective skill sets and unique processes, resulting in a website that truely reflects the essence of Ferox.

We have appreciated the commitment, creativity and technical capability Humaan has demonstrated in this endeavour.

Troy Wheeler – CEO, Director, Ferox
Azaris Screenshot

An all-terrain digital experience

The result is a high-impact, accessible digital platform, running on robust infrastructure, and optimised for every device — ideal for launching an advanced vehicle technology brand aimed at a global market. Starting with a strong web presence, Ferox are poised to drive engagement with their audience, and roll into a new era of transportation.

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