Candidly Christmas

What started as a joke is now tradition: the Humaan family Christmas card.
Oh the memories…


Well, it finally happened. The direction for the card steered so far from Christmas that we omitted any reference altogether. What a bunch, indeed.

Big thanks to Ian and Erick for the photography and use of their amazing studio.


“Rebels without a clause” was the inspiration for our 90s-themed gang of unruly youths. A spark of genius? Or was this the beginning of the end, allowing Kylie to suggest the tagline?

Thanks to the kind folk at West Road Deli for being so understanding, and Luke Thompson for the shoot.


One of our finer moments that turned into a confusing murder mystery / Christmas crossover. Whodunnit? Not sure, detective! But we think it was Lee with the candle snuffer in the dining room.

Shot in the Museum of Natural History in Guildford by our good friend Luke Thompson.


It’s Christmas morning 1988. A crew of misfits decide to wear long pyjamas in the middle of summer. The question on everyone’s mind: why is Chris wearing shoes?

Thanks to Lee for letting us into his sweet 70s house, and Luke Thompson 
for the photography.


Such memories! Our very first photoshoot, starring a selection of delightfully hideous Christmas sweaters. Incredibly thankful for our clients who saw more of Paul than they wished for, and still stuck with us 
in 2015.

Shot at Defectors Bar in Mount Lawley by Luke Thompson.


Our original team card featured an Xmas pop-up. Yes we really did cut out and assemble each one by hand…