Golden Pipeline

Journey through West Australian history

Driving engagement for an iconic heritage trail in Western Australia.

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail is a historical drive trail through the heart of Western Australia, following the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme from Mundaring to Kalgoorlie. Custodians, National Trust WA, wanted to inspire more interest in the trail, driving appreciation and encouraging new visitors.

Golden Pipeline Homepage

Our solution: a new interactive web presence that focused on the trail as the core navigation mechanism, encouraging visitors to engage directly with the locations, history and explore the trail.

Golden Pipeline Homepage

Powerful digital storytelling

To harness the vast volume of historical content, we created a custom interactive map of the trail - a highly bespoke navigation and narrative device to serve as the site's primary engagement tool.

With the Golden Pipeline story at their fingertips, site users consume the trail's fascinating history in easily digestible pieces, along with enough detail to plan their visit to each heritage site.

For the site's "How It Works" feature, we designed and developed a set of animated illustrations to communicate the operations in a more immersive way. These offer user a richer experience of recorded history, with a depth not achievable in printed books and travel brochures.

Golden Pipeline Homepage

Deep content structures and easy maintenance

Key to the success of any site is a simple way for its owners to structure and manage content. After collaborating with National Trust WA on a suitable strategy, we devised a comprehensive structure that would ensure consistency across the board.

Behind-the-scenes, the customised CMS handles how every piece of content relates to its surroundings from location details to local attractions, heritage sites to pipeline sections.

Golden Pipeline Place Page on Mobile

As users explore the Golden Pipeline story, the site automatically reorients the map to match the currently viewed content. This provides location context for where users are in their online journey, and offers would-be visitors the opportunity to discover nearby areas of interest.

Golden Pipeline Screenshots
Golden Pipeline Homepage

Journey planner

The custom journey planner lets tourists choose their own adventure along the trail, adding stops to their journey as they explore the website, creating a unique personal itinerary for when they're ready to visit.

For quick and easy referencing on the go, users can print a neatly formatted version of their journey to track their progress while driving. Full device responsiveness on the website means they also have access to a digital tour guide, complete with historical photos and stories of the attractions right in front of them.

Golden Pipeline Homepage

An engaging experience for a historical journey

The outcome is a curated digital experience of a fascinating history, offering upfront engagement from the start of the user journey.

With interactive enhancements and convenient features for would-be visitors, we encourage appreciation and visitation, while building a stronger sense of community, among all of the trail's audience groups.